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What quality of gold and platinum does Valquère use for its jewellery?

Valquère offers online jewellery that guarantees exceptional quality. Our jewellery pieces are crafted from certified and sustainable materials, ensuring long-lasting shine for your gold and platinum.

Which gold does Valquère use?

Valquère assures the highest standard of gold jewellery, offered in 18 karat, with white, yellow, or red gold options. Our gold consists of 75% pure gold expertly mixed with palladium, copper and silver, dependent on the chosen colour, and providing the ideal balance of strength and beauty. When you choose to purchase Valquère jewellery online, you can trust in our commitment to quality. We carefully select alloys to avoid any potential irritation, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

If you experience an allergic reaction to materials such as nickel or copper, please contact our experts for tailor-made advice.

Which platinum does Valquère use?

Valquère guarantees the purity of its platinum jewellery with a certified composition of 95% pure platinum, expertly mixed with ruthenium. Our exceptional platinum possesses a higher melting point, which enhances durability. Trust Valquère for premium quality jewellery that stands the test of time.

Our platinum jewellery is designed to retain its metallic shine and flawless white colour, ensuring long-lasting brilliance. Platinum is also hypoallergenic, so it is highly suitable for people with sensitive skin or nickel allergies.

What does the term ‘content stamp’ mean?

When buying jewellery online, you can trust our content stamps to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the precious metals used in the alloy. A content stamp acts as a quality mark, safeguarding consumers from fraud and providing jewellers protection against unfair competition. Our content stamps guarantee the quantity and quality of the materials used in our jewellery pieces. The content stamps used are:

  • 'au750' for gold: only 18 karat gold (= 75% gold)
  • 'pt950' for platinum: only platinum 950 (= 95% platinum)

Do you have more questions about the quality of our jewellery or about buying jewellery from us online? Feel free to contact our team of experts for any further information you might need.


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