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Buyer’s Guide: Choose Your Perfect Diamond Jewellery

Filter 1: Style

Filter 1: Style

Buying your loved one the ideal jewellery is not an easy mission. This guide will show you how to use BAUNAT’s filters to navigate our extensive collection until you find the perfect piece.

The first filter, ‘Choose style’, allows you to choose how many precious stones you would like your piece of jewellery to sport and in what design. You can read more about what each style means below or in our overview at the bottom of the page.


The solitaire is the most know and most popular engagement ring style to date. The ring has 1 central stone and possible smaller diamonds set on the ring band. The central stone takes the spotlight. Other jewellery types than rings with a single precious stone are also known as solitaire pieces.

View the white gold solitaire diamond engagement ring here

2 Stones or Toi et Moi

A 2-stone ring is also referred to as a Toi-et-Moi model. The 2 main stones symbolise two partners and their love as solid and eternal as diamond. With a 2-stone engagement ring you are free to choose 2 diamonds, but you can also combine a diamond with a different precious stone. The Toi-et-Moi has a modern feel. The same name is also used for 2-stone jewellery other than rings.

View our collection of Toi-et-Moir rings here

3 Stones or Trilogy

A 3-stone ring is also known as a trilogy. The 3 main stones symbolise the past, present and future of the happy couple. You can choose 3 stones of the same size, but you can also opt for a larger centre stone. It is a classic, yet unconventional choice. Other diamond jewellery is also considered a trilogy model when it contains 3 main stones.

 View our collection of trilogy rings here.


The halo ring consists of a central stone surrounded by a halo of much smaller diamonds. The shimmer of the surrounding diamonds reflects on the central stone and optically enhances it in size. Very simple halo designs are available, as are more intricate ones. The halo makes for a glorious focal point in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

View our collection of halo engagement rings here.


The entourage ring is often confused for a halo design, but they subtly differ. Whereas the halo is surrounded by tiny diamonds to enhance the central stone’s shimmer, the surrounding diamonds in an entourage design are larger and more of a presence in their own right. The entourage is often more notable than the halo. Entourage is, however, known under the umbrella of ‘side diamonds’ along with other designs.

View our collection of entourage rings here.

Side Diamonds

Side diamonds are diamonds that are not the main focus of the ring and that are usually set in the ring band. They complement any main ring style, which means you can easily choose a solitaire with side diamonds as shown here.

View this solitaire engagement ring with side diamonds here.


In a half-set ring, the side diamonds do not cover the entire ring band, but only half. The part of the shank on the inside of your hand is not set with diamonds, making all diamonds beautifully visible.

View this half-set diamonds eternity ring here.


Rings that are ¾-set with diamonds are often rings containing diamonds all the way around, but not set side to side. When the diamonds are set apart, we never speak of full set, only of ¾-set.

View this ¾-set diamond ring with floral design here.


Diamond jewellery with full-set design contain diamonds set side to side over the entire ring band. The diamonds are adjacent and cover the entire piece of jewellery. Full-set jewellery will always show shimmering diamonds, even if they move around on your body. Full-set rings are more and more often used as wedding rings.

View this full-set diamond eternity ring here.
Filter 2: Gemstone

Filter 2: Gemstone

Diamonds jewellery does not necessarily contain only diamonds. Other precious stones are fine additions as well and add a beautiful personal touch to each and every piece.

Moreover, each precious stone has its own symbolic meaning adding extra value to your beautiful piece.


Fresh green emeralds, often named ‘the king of gemstones’, is a bold choice for your diamond jewellery. The precious stone is both classic and modern and looks beautiful combined with diamonds. It is the birthstone for May and the traditional gift for a 55th wedding anniversary.

View this emerald and diamond trilogy ring here.


Of course, you can always choose diamond only jewellery. The diamond is remarkable, timeless and suits any style and taste. Even before we were capable of cutting the gems, they were adored world-wide. The versatile diamond is the perfect gift for April birthdays and the 60th wedding anniversary.

View this diamond trilogy engagement ring here.
Filter 3: Stone Shape

Filter 3: Stone Shape

The cut of your stone is essential for its shimmer and style. Each cut refracts the light in its own unique way, completely transforming the jewellery’s look and feel.


Round diamonds are also known as ‘brilliants’ and they shine the brightest of all cuts. They are the classic choice for all diamond jewellery and the shape has remained the. Most popular one for decades. It is a timeless choice regardless of the shape and style of your jewellery.

View these earrings with a floating round diamond here.

The princess cut diamond has a square shape and is second to the brilliant when it comes to sparkle. Its sturdy square shape makes the cut as fit for men as it is for women, with an elegant yet robust feel. Perfect for modern jewellery, subtle studs or part of an eclectic set.

View these princess cut diamond studs here.


Oval diamonds are part of the round diamond group and are as classy as brilliants, though they shine a little less. Their elongated shape optically enlarges it. The shape is perfect to optically elongate the finger when put into a ring or to make the face appear slimmer in necklaces and earring.

View these entourage earrings with oval central diamonds here.


The pear-shaped diamond has a similar elongating effect to the oval cut, but with one rounded end and one pointy one. The shape is less common than, for instance, round and oval, giving jewellery with pear-shaped diamonds a unique feel.

View these exclusive earrings with round and pear-shaped diamonds here.

Other Shapes

Although round, princess, oval and pear are the most common shapes for diamond jewellery, BAUNAT also offers some pieces with more unusual shapes. They are more unique still than the other pieces in our collection and they make gorgeous gifts for any occasion.

The heart-shaped diamond, also known as the Valentine’s cut, is modern and romantic at the same time. It symbolises love and carries great meaning when given as a gift. The rounded shapes of the diamond cut almost equals the princess cut and the brilliant cut in sparkle.

View these exclusive earrings with heart-shaped diamonds here.

The marquise diamond shape is similar to the pear-shape, but with 2 pointy ends. The diamond is optically bigger than its carat weight since they have quite a shallow depth. These incredible diamond earrings sport an oval main diamond and are set with supporting marquise cut diamonds.

View these exclusive diamond earrings with oval and marquise diamonds here.

Filter 4: Carat Weight

Filter 4: Carat Weight

The carat weight of a diamond denotes its weight, and therefore represents its size. The higher the carat weight you select, the larger the central stones of your diamond jewellery selection will be.

Your jewellery’s total carat weight is always mentioned on the piece’s own page. You will see the different carat sizes of each type of stone set in your selected jewellery, as well as the total carat weight of the entire piece.

That same page will also provide you with the option to view the same piece of jewellery with a different carat weight.

Carat weight is often difficult to estimate, which makes it useful to have a visual representation ready. From 1.00 to 5 carats, diamonds have the following size:

Filter 5: Price

Filter 5: Price

Take into account when setting your budget that bigger diamonds exponentially increase in value in comparison to the smaller ones since they are increasingly rare.

Moreover, after your price selection, you will be able to view many pieces of jewellery with a multitude of smaller diamonds. Settings like the halo also pose a fine alternative to a larger diamond since the halo optically enlarges the central diamond.

BAUNAT’s diamond jewellery always have the best price-quality ratio. The same quality diamond jewellery will be between 30 and 50% more expensive in brick-and-mortar stores. Because of that, the same budget will buy you larger and higher quality jewellery in our online collection.

Filter 6: Metal

Filter 6: Metal

Just as the diamond shape setting, the precious metal you choose contributes a lot to the style of your diamond jewellery. Although each metal is very valuable in its own right, they each have a different style and personality. These different auras are important to take into account when choosing your perfect piece.

White Gold

White gold is a classic choice for diamond jewellery.

Learn more about white gold

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a classic choice. It is the alloy most similar to pure gold.

Learn more about yellow gold

Red gold

Rose gold is a trendy and warm looking metal.

Learn more about rose gold


Platinum is slightly greyer and therefore more modern than white gold. It is the most durable metal.

Learn more about platinum

Each precious metal receives its own hallmark denoting the alloy’s composition. Those hallmarks look as portrayed in this table.

Filter 7: Shank Design

Filter 7: Shank Design

The way all of your previous choices converge and work with each other in your jewellery is dependent on the design you choose.

The shape of the shank, the way the precious stones are set in your ring, precious metal details: all elements work in concert with each other to make your piece special.


The cathedral setting is best visible when viewing the ring from the side. The central diamond is held in a precious metal setting that elevates it above the shank and puts it centre stage. The cathedral is a particularly elegant design less suited for the practical wearer since it is elevated. It is, however, perfect for people not intending on wearing their engagement ring every day.

View this diamond trilogy ring with cathedral setting here.

Straight Shank

In a straight shank design, the inside of the shank is straight and flush, no matter the diamond setting. It makes the ring easy to maintain and provides a clean, modern look and feel. The outside of the ring can still have a more dynamic finish.

View this straight shank solitaire diamond ring here.


In a tapered design, the shank narrows as it approaches the central stone. The narrow tapering emphasises the central stone making it more prominent. For thicker rings, the tapered shank also adds a certain elegance to the entire piece of jewellery.

View this solitaire diamond ring with tapered shank design here.


When you choose a bypass shank design, you will see the shank does not come full circle. Instead, the 2 ends of the shank end on different levels. The design is very elegant, yet different and perfect for the wearer looking for something special.

View the solitaire diamond ring with bypass shank here.


A crossed design offers a similar feel to the bypass shank but preserves the symbolic meaning of having a full circle as a ring band. In a crossed shank the inner band goes fully round on the inside while the crossed precious metal bands twirl around the outside to add a dynamic touch. It seems as if 2 bands are woven into each other, making it the perfect symbolic ring.

View this solitaire diamond ring with crossed design here.

Knife Edge

The knife edge shank is by far the most unusual one. The shank does not feature a round finish, instead the middle runs to a point making thicker shanks look thinner. The v-shaped outside of the shank leads the eye to the centre stone and puts it centre stage. The ring is unusual and bold, perfect for a wearer looking for elegance in a totally new and different way.

View this knife edge solitaire diamond ring with knife edge design shank.


The split band splits into 2 smaller ring bands as it approaches the central stone. The wide shank takes on a more elegant and refined look because of it, and the showing of skin through the small holes ads a certain je-ne-sais-qoi as well. Perfect for the wearer looking for both a robust ring and a sophisticated jewel: it is the best of both worlds.

View this split band solitaire diamond ring with side diamonds here.

Other: Hammered

Robust, clean, modern: the hammered design is perfect for the tough and practical wearer. Its irregular finish is organic and unusual, the perfect piece of jewellery for the brave. Hammered designs can differ in finish: some have a polished surface with an irregular shape, some have a regular shape with a rough finish, some are a combination of the two.

View this eternity ring with hammered design here.
Filter 8: Occasion

Filter 8: Occasion

Are you looking for a diamond jewellery gift for a specific occasion? The diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT carefully selected the best and most appropriate gifts for the list important occasions to simplify your choice.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to really surprise your partner. Not only is it one of the most popular days of the year for an amazing proposal, it also provides the ideal opportunity to just go all out. Jewellery with heart-shaped diamonds are perfect for Valentine’s, as well as natural designs like jewellery inspired by flora and fauna. Your love blooms, and the 14th of February could definitely use an injection of spring.

Whether you are planning a proposal, or it is a regular romantic Valentine’s Day: giving your partner diamond jewellery will always make for a very special occasion.


Your engagement ring does not need the thematic charm of, for instance, a Christmas present. The most important thing is for your fiancée to receive the ring of their dreams. Classic engagement rings have central stones and are elegant, but they can also be unusual. They just need to be timeless, meaningful and perfect for its wearer.


Your wedding ring needn’t necessarily be a classic choice, you can effortlessly reflect your personal style in it. Our timeless wedding selection is beautiful on its own, but also works perfectly when combined into a wedding set. Every possible choice is sophisticated and classic.


Your wedding anniversary is an important milestone that should never go by unnoticed. You might have already discovered the significance of precious stones at the beginning of the page, but that does not make them any less suited for other anniversaries. The most important part of giving jewellery is to surprise your partner with a wonderful gift that perfectly matches their taste.

18th birthday

Speaking of milestones! Coming of age is not only important in society, it beautifully represents newfound autonomy and responsibility. This transition should be celebrated for every young adult. As a first valuable possession and symbol of adulthood, diamond jewellery is the ideal gift and amazing gesture. Stackable rings are a good choice here as well, since the 18th birthday is the perfect occasion to start a stack of sophisticated and high-quality rings.


Another incredibly special milestone is the birth of a child. The modern concept of a birthing gift, more commonly known as a ‘push present’, seems to have become a new tradition. Stackable rings are popular gifts, since every birth or new milestone adds a new touch to the ever-growing ring. Other jewellery also beautifully symbolises the start of a new life: flower jewellery, natural themes and gorgeous stackable rings are all winners.


Filter Name Description
Choose style Solitaire 1 centre stone, most popular style
  2-stone 2 centre stones, symbolic, different
  3-stone 3 centre stones, symbolic, classic
  Halo 1 centre stone surrounded by small ones, optically enlarges, focus on centre stone
  Entourage 1 central stone surrounded by small ones, focus on all stones
  Half-set Half the shank is set with smaller diamonds
  ¾-set The entire shank is set with diamonds, but they are not adjacent
  Side-diamonds All rings with a centre stone and diamond set in the shank
  Full-set Adjacent diamonds all the way around the shank
Choose gemstone Diamond Eternal, very rare, timeless
  Ruby Deep red, very rare, distinct
  Emerald Fresh green, rare, distinct
  Sapphirer Midnight blue, rare, classic
Choose stone shape Round Brilliant, brightest sparkle
Princess Square, very bright sparkle
Oval Round shape, optically elongates, classic
Pear Half-round, optically elongates, modern
Choose carat weight The higher the carat weight, the rarer the stone, the more valuable it is
Choose price Decide your budget beforehand and choose the best possible price-quality ratio
Choose metal White gold Timeless, versatile
Red gold Trendy, romantic
Yellow gold Timeless, classic
Platinum Durable, modern
Choose shank design Cathedral High-set diamond, elegant
Straight Polished interior, practical
Tapered Tapers at the centre stone, sophisticated
Bypass Incomplete circle, modern

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