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Introducing Valquère: The European Pioneer in Sustainable High-End Diamond Jewellery

[Antwerp, October 2023] - Valquère, a high-end sustainable diamond jewellery brand and member of the Baunat Group, is making its mark in the world of lab grown fine diamond jewellery. Valquère is supported by a rich legacy and heritage of diamond expertise, and is built on a foundation of transparency and trust. Launched in October 2023, Valquère brings a new dimension of luxury to the market, combining innovation and tradition to deliver exceptional quality, European craftsmanship, and highly personalized service.

Statement Made

The tagline 'Statement Made' celebrates the beauty and brilliance of Valquère’s lab grown diamonds, empowering clients to make a conscious statement when wearing Valquère jewellery. Every Valquère jewel is a testament to the remarkable fusion of science and art, representing exceptional value, emotional significance, and transparent communications, all strengthened by the highest quality.

Baunat Group Executive Director Steven Boelens: “Diamond jewellery is something to aspire to for many, but natural diamonds come with a certain price tag. With the steady rise of lab grown diamonds, and in particular, their increased quality in recent years, this luxury has now become available for those who require a traditional form but with a smart touch. With Valquère, it’s possible to obtain a larger carat weight at a very attractive price, or to go for a higher quality and brilliance, without paying the premium that natural diamonds of this kind entail. It’s a new kind of luxury, in demand by those who want to optimize their budget, and utilize it for smaller occasions. Our heritage in investment diamonds and jewellery ensures our products have undergone extensive research and development and we only offer the cream of the crop, because the forces behind the brand are by no means new to this field.”

What sets Valquère apart are its unique attributes

A New Kind of Luxury

Valquère blends artisanal craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, crafting jewellery that radiates sophistication and brilliance through elegant yet modern designs. Each piece is a testament to individuality and the conscious statement made when wearing a diamond jewel. Powerful. Certain. Defining.

High-End Quality

At Valquère, our dedicated experts hand-pick each diamond directly from the source.  This ensures a deep understanding of their exact origin, and by securing top grades in cut, colour, and clarity, we can guarantee their unparalleled brilliance. All Valquère diamonds are known for their maximum sparkle, thanks to F and E colour grades, with VS1 and VVS2 clarity ensuring an eye-clean guarantee, and triple very good or excellent cut for unmatched sparkle. Pavé diamonds boast an E colour and VS1 clarity grade. Certifications are provided by GIA, IGI, and HRD, starting at 0.30ct, guaranteeing authenticity. Valquère exclusively uses recycled and ethical 18Kt gold and 950 platinum for lifelong beauty.

European Craftsmanship

Crafted in Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, Valquère pieces showcase a rich heritage of diamond expertise, combining innovative techniques with traditional craftsmanship. Each jewel is meticulously handcrafted by a team of highly skilled artisans. All of Valquère’s craftsmen are masters in a wide array of disciplines, allowing them to translate intricate designs into wearable art, full of character.

Excellent Customer Service

Valquère is committed to delivering 24/7 tailored experiences, offering personalized designs and a bespoke service for customers seeking uniqueness. The collections are thoughtfully designed in direct response to customer needs, showcasing Valquère’s commitment to constant modernization and innovation.

Handselected Diamonds

Baunat Group CEO Stefaan Mouradian: “Buying a jewel should be an experience, therefore we have a carefully selected team of diamond jewellery advisors who speak at least 3 languages (in total our teams speak over 20 languages, so we can serve our clients worldwide). Valquère is aiming high, therefore we offer 7 currencies and even cryptocurrency as a payment option”.

In Valquère's commitment to perfection and transparency, the company purchases lab grown diamonds directly from the source, enabling them to determine the exact origin of each gem. Valquère exclusively partners with laboratories that actively strive to employ renewable energy sources, thus reducing their carbon footprint. This unwavering dedication stands as a testament to Valquère's belief in the power of innovation to replicate the wonders of nature in a sustainable manner.

With a seamless operational approach through its E-boutique, Valquère offers the added convenience of virtual showroom appointments. The brand boasts a well-distributed network of showrooms across Western Europe, including key locations such as London, Amsterdam, Munich, Paris and Zurich. Additionally, Valquère ensures worldwide shipping with comprehensive insurance coverage, providing customers a guaranteed and safe shopping experience.

Valquère caters to the discerning 'Smart Luxury Consumer,' individuals who seek the perfect balance between innovation and tradition and who value the brilliance, cut, and clarity of their jewellery. Most jewels are between the 1,500 to 4,000 euro price range, with exceptions above 10,000 euros.

Valquère invites you to experience a new kind of luxury, where science meets art, innovation meets tradition, and individuality meets sophistication. Discover the brilliance of Valquère’s premium sustainable diamond jewellery.

Head of public relations Baunat Group

Leslie Ruijs

+32 3 502 19 21
[email protected]

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